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10 Tips for Lead Generation and Nurturing

Wondering how you could generate new leads and manage them smoothly to boost the profitability of your small business? If this is one of your top priorities at this point, you should know that lead generation and management represent extremely important, ongoing processes that demand your full attention 24/7.

A study introduced by Harvard Business Review clearly indicates that more than 50% of all companies fail to grow and follow up on their most recent sales simply because they forget to return calls or they just don’t know what kind of contact info to request from their clients. Clearly, you would want your business to be a part of the other half, comprising the forward-thinking companies that actually know how to explore every lead and turn it into profit. Here are a few easy tips that will point you in the right direction:

1) Give Your Readers Clear Directions. Your website and all your landing pages should manage to send a clear message to your visitors. Take a closer look at these elements and make sure they display a clean layout and ensure a superior user experience.

2) Don’t Let Financial Limitations Threaten Your Progress. Focus on specific targets, optimize your website by thinking more like a customer and less like a merchant, develop strategic marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness to assess the strengths and drawbacks of your current strategies. All these phases can be completed on time and on a budget.

3) Focus on Social Media Strategies. Social media platforms are here to stay. Explore their full potential to roll out successful marketing campaigns, interact with your buyers, attract new leads and broaden your horizons at the same time.

4) Invest in Direct Mail Strategies. Direct mail is far from being dead. As long as you know your primary audience, count on an efficient segmentation and on a clever, creative method to personalize your message to make it raise the interest of the recipient, your success is almost guaranteed.

5) Make Sure Your Offers and Calls to Action Are Tailored to Your Targeted Audience. Craft killer content tailored to various segments of public. Also, make sure you create premium, user-oriented articles and blog posts responding to the needs and demands of consumers that are in different stages of the buying cycle.

6) Incentives Often Manage to Stimulate the Interest of Your Prospects. In some cases, you could also stimulate the curiosity of your buyers and make them respond to your calls to action by offering them incentives. Most categories of people, regardless of their social status, age and

personal preferences love freebies and can’t get enough of them.

7) Classify Your Leads and Nurture Them. Once you’ve managed to boost your lead generation efforts, you have to manage them wisely. To do that, you have to learn how to organize and nurture your leads properly. Invest a certain amount of money in a lead-generation system that will send you useful notifications. This system will let you find out what kind of info your customers are craving for, what links are being clicked by your prospects and so on. As soon as you receive your new leads, it is recommended to organize them by type (extended lead, prospect, active client and so on).

8) Follow Up. Studies show that most buyers are inclined to buy goods from the first company that reaches them. Don’t hesitate to contact your potential clients. As a matter of fact, when it comes to getting in touch with customers, time is of the essence. According to recent studies, it is best to respond to a new lead within the first 5 minutes after its generation. Every single second counts, so always be prepared to connect with your targeted audience.

9) Get Even More Info about Your Clients. Use the data extracted from your marketing and lead generation campaigns to get the bigger picture. What do your clients really want? What kind of content are they more inclined to digest? What makes them tick? Organize your prospects accordingly to be able to:

Target particular promotional campaigns/ content strategies to specific key groups

Pair new web content with categories of products

Anticipate the needs and demands of different segments of potential buyers

10) Get Your Hands on the Right Tools. Last but not least, keep in mind that there are several types of free and almost free tools that you can use to simplify your daily tasks. You can choose from various social media lead-monitoring elements (Batchbook, Sprout Social), mobile apps (Sales Genius, Base and Apptivo) and CRM tools (Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, Salesforce).

Generating and managing leads is not always easy, even when you have unlimited access to all these handy, cool-looking tools. If you usually get stuck somewhere along this ongoing process, just give us a call and we’ll help you untangle your website and perfect your marketing strategies.

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