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10 Ways to Generate Traffic Without Google

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

A few years ago, in order to become successful online you just had to build a website and wait for your prospects to reach you. Those days are long gone. At this point, you have to bend over backwards to create and implement an ethical, result-oriented SEO plan to rank higher in search engine results.

As this wouldn’t be enough, you also have to cope with Google’s endless list of algorithm updates that manage to puzzle entire SEO communities and make digital marketers bite their nails in anticipation. In this particular set of circumstances, can you actually Google-proof an online company? More specifically, can you boost website traffic without depending on Google’s ever-growing influence and without crossing the line between sneaky tactics and forbidden ones? The answer is affirmative. You can generate traffic without Google, and there are at least 10 verified methods to do it, which guarantee your success in the long run.

1) Creating and Maintaining a Blog. A blog will help you stay relevant in your niche, enhance the online visibility of your brand and create your own SEO-friendly set of promotional strategies. It doesn’t really matter which blogging platform you choose to use, as long as you make the most of additional features designed to maximize the SEO friendliness of your blog and enable you to monetize it.

2) Guest Posting. Want to get more subscribers and get a bigger share of targeted traffic? If so, note that guest posting could be the answer to your prayers. Write a killer blog post on various other high-authority sources in your own industry. This is one of the simplest, most natural foolproof ways to drive traffic to your website.

3) Email Marketing. Email marketing is far from being dead. As a matter of fact, this method employed to increase website traffic allows you to deliver your marketing message right in your prospects’ inbox. As a long as you offer them access to free, engaging, problem-solving content, you can keep them on your side for the longest period of time.

4) Get in Touch with Industry Influencers. Connect with popular bloggers in your niche and send them your products. Kindly ask these influencers to review your items and post their opinion on their blog, website and/or social mediaaccounts. Successful bloggers have millions of followers who are dying to find out more about new brands that can make a difference in their lives, one way or another.

5) Hit the News. Invest in well-written press releases and count on the best content distribution services to make your voice heard. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a particularly interesting service that gives you the chance to share your expertise, profit from free publicity, get in touch

with reporters who are interested in fresh stories in your industry, and finally profit from extraordinary media opportunities triggering an increase in website traffic.

6) Use Freebies as Bait. Organize a contest on your blog, website or social mediaaccounts. Your readers adore free stuff. Whether we’re talking about a CD, a free e-book, an outfit or acake, freebies will always increase brand awareness and make more people talk about you and land on your website.

7) Stay Active on Discussion Forums. Discussion forums allow you to become more familiar with the real needs and expectations of your audience. What are your prospects talking about? What kind of trending topics manage to capture their attention? What do they think about your brand and your competitors? Discussion forums can provide the best answers to all these questions and more. Most importantly, discussion groups can also let you take advantage of free advertising opportunities leading to an increased number of monthly visitors.

8) Build Solid Relationships within Your Niche. Learn how to cooperate with your competitors. Connect with media channels focused on your niche. Convert your followers into brand evangelists. Keep some of the most important bloggers by your side. Ask for feedback. In short, learn how to interact with prominent people in your niche and build and maintain solid connections with your segment of public.

9) Create Buzz-Worthy Shareable Content. Killer content comes in many forms. Whether you plan to roll out a series of readable press releases, amazing blog posts, search engine and user-friendly onsite content or a few “how to” articles, it is imperative

to come up with premium content pieces that display a mix of images, text and video and audio elements. Infographics, audio intros, podcasts and short videos are the hottest types of content that are more likely to go viral and boost your odds of success.

10) Advertise and Communicate on Social Networking Websites. Advertising on Facebook is cheap and easy. By going down this road, you bring your sales pitch and your products in front of a carefully selected audience that is already inclined to look for items like the ones that you are currently selling. Apart from making it easier for you to market your goods, social media platforms also ensure a flawless, uninterrupted communication with your potential clients, as long as you stay active on social networking websites.

At this point, there are many ways in which you can maximize website traffic and witness significant popularity increases without depending on Google. To find your own path the easy way and attain small business success, just give us a call or write us an email and get us involved in your project right away.

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