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2.6 Years is Average for Website Redesign | Is it Time?

When is it a good idea to redesign your website? There is actually no right answer here. According to a recent study, companies that are invested in their brand on average do a redesign every 2.6 years. Not as long as I thought! Some common reasons to ignite a new website are:

Technical - This could be a reason especially if WordPress is your website platform. WordPress uses PHP. PHP is a script language and interpreter that is freely available and used primarily on Linux Web servers. PHP, originally derived from Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. If you have an outdated theme for your site it may eventually break as it won’t be compatible with the latest version of the WordPress core or the version of PHP your server is running. You may also want to add enhancements like a shopping cart and your current website theme won’t function properly with it.

Re Branding- Sending out a new brand message? Make sure your website reflects all brand messaging.

Data Driven- Is your website not performing? Looking at data from visitors can help determine if a website overhaul is in order. For example, none of my landing pages are converting, there are no click through's to deeper pages, or your bounce rate is really high.

Need advice on your website? Having trouble making sense of your data? Contact me today! I would love to help :)

Let’s get your brand visible in 2019!

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