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3 Simple Things to Jump Start Your Website

Consistency is much-appreciated only when the website-related elements and practices that characterize your company are actually making it relevant, influential and recognizable. So how do you implement a series of positive novelty factors without taking any chances? In case you think that your website (or at least a few of its key sections) is in desperate need of an extreme makeover, here are a few easy steps that you should follow to make some positive progress with your online presence.

1) Upgrade Your Content

You can boost website traffic and consolidate your online image by simply adopting a new approach when it comes to crafting content. Ask yourself the following question: is your content fascinating or yawn-inducing? Try to find new ways to emphasize your most original ideas and make your newsworthy facts pop.

  • Make your headlines more impactful

  • Restructure your web writing to make it flow naturally and make it seem more focused, credible and engaging

  • Make sure all your content pieces follow the inverted pyramid structure (relevant newsworthy info at the beginning, followed by important details and general background details towards the bottom); your readers have a very short attention span and very little desire to go through enormous chunks of text to find what they are looking for on your website

  • Create compelling calls to action. Your visitors are not mind readers. At a first glance, for most of them it is difficult to interpret your intentions and act accordingly. This is precisely why you should include powerful, comprehensive and concise calls to action in your web writing.

2) Focus on Updates Like Security

Want to take pride in a feature-rich, user-friendly, fully functional website? If so, take the time you need to make sure that all modules and plugins that you use are up-to-date. This will allow your web-pages to run smoothly and improve the overall user experience. Also, if you are concerned about potential security breaches, you could also chance the password of your website to prevent info leaks and unauthorized access.

3) Redesign Your Homepage

Here are a few warning signs that you can’t afford to neglect:

  • Your website is not converting (visitors aren’t responding to your calls to action)

  • Your website has a high bounce rate and doesn’t manage to keep your visitors on your pages

  • You are failing to witness a profitability/popularity increase

All of these “symptoms” suggest that it may be time for a redesign phase. A website redesign project isn’t necessarily expensive, but it can be pretty labor-intensive. By working closely with a company specialized in web design, you can save a lot of time and sweat and profit from excellent results reflecting your creative vision.

When it comes to redesigning your website, there are a few prominent elements that you should focus on:

  • Restyle the overall layout of your web content

  • Replace dull standard fonts with eye-catchy web fonts that raise your text’s readability level

  • Replace boring stock photos with personalized images that actually send a powerful message about your brand, product, happy clients and whatever else matters to you and your company

  • Use different frames and distinctive colors to highlight important buttons and accentuate calls to action

  • Perform a gentle “face lift” by implementing new categories of icons (social media buttons, form elements and so on) that can easily stimulate your audience to share and recommend your content or reach you in a timely fashion.

  • Improve your homepage, by de-cluttering it and prioritizing the info that you want to display on it. Visible calls to action boxes, small, well-structured paragraphs, an ideal balance between text, images and video and clear tabs represent excellent starting points for your onsite extreme makeover process.

  • Blow your own horn by publishing or highlighting testimonials on your own website. Info related to your company or products or services shared by your clients represents an invaluable supporter for your business, allowing you to build trust and boost your credibility. Instead of keeping your testimonials in an old binder, put them to good use by posting them on your webpages or by tweeting them and sharing them on Facebook. These small steps will help you spread the word about your company without spending a dime out of your own pockets.

At the end of the day, these suggestions can go along way in attracting and converting your market.

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