• Shane Smith

3 Tips When Responding to Negative Reviews

Unfortunately, receiving a negative review will likely happen at some point in running your business. You can't make everyone happy and let's face it, there are some people that are just negative all the time. However, there is hope in making the situation better. Follow these tips to help your reputation online when it does happen.

1. Make Sure to Respond- Responding helps your business look stronger by showing that you are paying attention to what is going on and that you care about not only your company but more importantly your clients or customers.

2. Don't do it Right Away - Just breath and take a moment to think deeply about the situation. Running on emotions can result in you saying something you will regret later. This could make your company look worse and actually make the reviewer more angry.

3. Offer a Solution - After taking some time to calm down, think about how you can make the circumstance brighter. Offering a solution or remedy to the problem will go a long way in making your reputation online the best it can be.


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