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9 Essential WordPress Plugins

Millions of webmasters are madly in love with WordPress for one good reason: WordPress gives them access to thousands of extremely useful plugins that serve different purposes. Some enable website owners to save a lot of time and effort by simplifying their regular optimization strategies and others actually manage to boost the quality of the overall user experience. Does this actually mean that all WordPress plugins should be considered must-haves? Of course not! However, there are at least 9 plugins that you should start implementing, testing and recommending today.

1) WordPressSEO by Yoast. This is the king of SEO plugins that you simply can’t afford to ignore. If you want to optimize every single content piece that you plan to roll out in the near future and stay on the same page with your readers, you should use this essential plugin to guide your SEO efforts in the right direction. From keywords stats to useful tips, this plugin offers you the expert insight that you need to succeed in the digital era without hiring a SEO consultant.

2) W3 Total Cache. Worried that the reduced loading speed of your website could make your visitors abandon your page and see what your main competitors have to say and offer? If you, you may want to test this fairly useful plugin, designed for WPO (website performance optimization). In short, it improves your page speed and takes the overall user experience to a whole new level.

3) Link Cloaking Plugins For Affiliate Marketing. Approximately 95% of all bloggers rely on their websites to launch moneymaking affiliate marketing campaigns. Are you one of them? If so, do you feel that you’re wasting a lot of time while promoting affiliates on your website? Using a link cloaking plugin, you can automatically turn any keyword that you may decide to include in your blog post into an affiliate link.

4) Gravity Forms. Forms give you the chance to interact with your visitors and are the key to obtaining a bigger profit. Once you see things from this perspective, you automatically realize that Gravity Forms is an incredibly convenient plugin that allows you to create, personalize and launch your WordPress forms in a matter of a few minutes. With over one million users, this handy plugin is packed with useful features and is considered a top choice due to its smooth integration, ease of use and remarkable simplicity.

5) Editorial Calendar. Want to prioritize and organize your assignments? In this case, you should definitely try the Editorial Calendar, an important plugin for content creators that enables them to decide what’s hot and what can wait, while feeding premium content to their readers.

6) Relevanssi. WordPress doesn’t actually get any bonus points for its search functionality. Results are most of the time outdated and irrelevant; therefore readers are having a hard time trying to find the content pieces that actually stimulate their interest. This is why the Relevanssi plugin is a must-have. It guarantees a better search displaying results sorted by relevance. Due to its awesome customization power and its ability to index shortcode content and comments, this plugin is essential for people who wish to improve their website and make it truly user-oriented.

7) Akismet or Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. Spammy comments are extremely annoying and may lower your credibility and impact the image of your brand. To minimize these risks, you have to use the best WordPress plugins to battle spammy tactics. Akismetand Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin can be utilized to discourage spammers.

8) Login LockDown. Worried that your website may be targeted by skilled hackers? If so, note that you can eliminate your concerns and prevent security breaches by using this plugin to limit the overall number of user login attempts recorded from a certain IP range during a specific time frame.

9) Backup Plugins. Although you may already rely on a reputable hosting company, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few supplementary measures of precaution by investing in additional backup options. WordPress offers you the chance to choose from 4 awesome backup plugins: BackupBuddy, VaultPress, UpDraftPlusand WordPress Backup for Dropbox. With rates starting from only 5 dollars per day, VaultPress will back up your web page on a daily basis. Due to its reliability and cost-efficiency, this alternative is among our top picks.

All in all, these are 9 essential WordPress plugins that you should install, use and love.

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