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Advanced SEO Strategies

Hello everyone. In my latest post I will be discussing some advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. These strategies are to be implemented after you have had considerable efforts completed towards basic optimization of a website. Often, we can arrive at a road block when it comes to improving organic visibility. Below are some onsite and offsite techniques to improve organic visibility which will lead to more website traffic if search volume is present. Of course you will probably notice that I do not have content creation listed! This is a no brainier and needs to be a routine part of any search strategy.

Click Through Rate Optimization

The goal of this strategy is to gain more website clicks through the optimization of any given search engine results page (SERP). You will need to have Google Search Console implemented on your site. Once in search console look at the search data and see which pages and keywords have a high enough ranking (page 1), but have zero clicks. Once all the pages have been isolated look at at their respected title tags and meta descriptions. Look to see if you are targeting the proper keyword in the title and make sure the title and meta descriptions are written for your audience, concise, and attention grabbing. On any given SERP your potential customer has many other websites to choose from. This strategy is designed to make that customer click your result over the competition.

Unlinked Brand Mentions Leading to High Authority Links

This strategy I have mentioned in past posts. I love it! It's goal is to build website authority in the eyes of Google which will lead to an increase in organic visibility over time. The key is that these mentions of your brand are on quality websites. Visit google and search for your company or brand. Look through all the results from Google to see where your brand is mentioned but does not contain a link to your site. The next step is to complete a list of all these sites that have a link opportunity and begin to reach out to these sites simply asking them(politely) to include a link in the mention of your brand. This strategy often yields very good opportunities without the hassle of tedious outreach that may never lead to actual link placement. Remember to avoid spammy sites with no purpose that aren't going to pass much authority to your site.

Find (Long Tail Keyword Opportunities) and Optimize For Voice Search

It's old news of the rise of voice search and the scramble to adopt this new opportunity into our digital strategies. Many searches today are now done using voice which leads to longer keywords in the form of questions. You can begin by looking through search console data in the "queries" section under search traffic---->search analytics. Look for any longer keywords typically 4 or more words. Another tool you can use is called "Answer The Public".

This tools offers up suggestions for possible keywords in the form of questions that your target market may be asking Google when looking for your products and services.

Once you have found some long tail keywords that are worth targeting, begin to brainstorm content pieces that can be developed surrounding these questions. For example, if If I had an auto shop and wanted to raise visibility for my brake service, I would come up with a long tail question that is typically asked by someone needing a brake job. I will make sure that the content is optimized to answer that given question to it's fullest capacity. Of course basic optimization of the post should follow.

I hope these strategies help you on your road to organic domination!

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