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Always Keep an Eye on Search Data

I was combing through a client's keyword data. I noticed a massive upsurge in impressions starting a few weeks ago.

After diving a little deeper I noticed a lone query was the culprit. The search term includes my client's domain name. After further investigation I noticed this search terms popularity is not local to my client. My client is now on page 1 with only 1 click and 3,000 or so impressions. It turns out that there is a scroll that has that identifying name from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. My client isn't doing any advertising that would draw more attention to this domain name being searched.

If I didn't look at this closer I could have assumed SEO or some recent TV spots were responsible for more impressions and publicity. However, it looks like the search intent behind this is not related to my client.

Have you found anything interesting lately?

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