• Shane Smith

Digital Marketing / SEO Tips for Realtors

Looking for new strategies to improve online visibility for your real estate company? With such a highly evolving and highly competitive market - check out the following techniques to gain the edge on your toughest realtor competition.

-Are property viewers on your site redirected when viewing listings?

This is important to take care of right away. Have you been on a real estate website and when looking at the listings it takes you to a separate domain that houses the listings. This is bad for SEO. You want your own domain producing that content in order for your website to improve with organic visibility (SEO). If you are using WordPress try SIMPLY RETS. This plugin is fast and has many unique filters available to better highlight and display property details.

-Create a real estate blog and share your content via social media.

Having a planned out content strategy is the most crucial thing to have in place. Lets say you are focusing on the luxury market. What kind of content does that market digest online? What issues in this process or related processes can be solved with your content? It's all about having laser guided original content that will have an impact on your potential clientele. What is helpful or shareable to them? Think outside the box.

-Take advantage of visuals.

Make sure you're using all the latest technology to get your prospective clents calling. Invest in VR videos. People want to be able to do a virtual walk through of the home. The use of high resolution photos are a must these days.

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