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How Does Bing Rank Content?

Google has about 65% of the search market in the US and Microsoft (Bing) has around 30%. It can be easy to not look as close at data coming from Bing or look at their SERP's and rankings of your site. It was interesting to look again and compare how Bing and Google rank web pages. According to Bing's official Webmaster Guidelines they state that the three most important factors in how they rank content are:

Relevance- Refers to how closely the content on the landing page matches the intent behind the search query.

Quality and Credibility- Determining the quality and credibility of a website includes an evaluation of the page itself, including such factors as the author’s or site’s reputation, the level of discourse (for example, an article with citations and references to data sources is considered higher quality than one that does not explain.

User engagement- Bing also considers how users interact with search results / Content.

To determine user engagement, Bing asks questions like: Did users click through to search results for a given query, and if so, which results? Did users spend time on these search results they clicked through to or did they quickly return to Bing?  Did the user adjust or reformulate their query? The Bing Webmaster Dashboard will provide insights into how users interact with your webpages.

Remember that it could pay off to be mindful of things that could be done to improve your visibility in Bing not just Google. They don't return the same results. If you have any of your target market using Bing then keep Bing in mind when developing your strategies.

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