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How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Your website may be appealing to some extent, but is it actually converting? Is it stimulating your visitors to respond to your calls to action? Does it give you the chance to witness a boost in popularity and profitability? You may be wondering: what are conversion rates and how do they impact my online business?

What Are Conversion Rates and Why Do They Matter so Much?

Conversion rates represent the overall percentage of prospects who act the way you want them to (get in touch with your representatives, order a product online or subscribe to your newsletter and so on). Even if your conversion rates are satisfying, you can always choose to exceed your own performance. Better conversion rates are usually associated with an improved user experience and stronger efforts to optimize your website and deepen your relationship with all your categories of potential buyers.

What Can I Do to Boost My Conversion Rates Easily and Cost-Effectively?

Want to enhance your conversion rates and monitor your progress on your own, without hiring a consultant? Here are a few easy tips that you can apply to come up with the desirable results.

1) Highlight Your Contact Information. Is your website architecture simple and intuitive, or are your pages resembling small mazes that trap and puzzle most of your visitors? In case you’re getting ready to build or upgrade your website, keep in mind that minimalist design will always be in fashion.

On top of that, make sure you highlight your calls to action and your contact information. Live chat options and a phone number will make you reachable and allow your clients to contact you in a timely fashion. Calls to action represent the most prominent page elements that influence your conversion rates a great deal, so you obviously can’t afford to ignore them. Put them in a container to maximize their visibility and help your visitors discover them in a matter of a few seconds. Both color and visual appearance impact buying decisions, so it is very important to choose a color for your web writing that will create an ideal contrast with the background. To test different combinations on your own you can use various online tools, including the Accessibility Color Wheel.

2) Maximize Your Credibility. The incredible, ever-growing popularity and influence of the Internet has changed the way in which we communicate, buy stuff and do business. However, this alteration has also led to a significant number of bad deals and online frauds, making it difficult for the truly honest players to prove their good intensions and make a name for themselves on digital markets. This is precisely why testimonials from customers and so called trust seals coming from web security companies or the Better Business Bureau work to your

best advantage, enabling you to build credibility and trust the easy way.

3) Extended Guarantees. The nicest things in life are not the most expensive ones, but the ones with the longest guarantees. Do you trust your products? If so, give your prospects a new reason to crave for them. According to Forbes, extended guarantees trigger increased conversion rates, as more and more people are inclined to spend their money wisely by making smart long-term investments.

4) Magnetic Headlines. Headlines are the first elements that capture your readers’ attention as soon as they land on your site. Are they truly compelling, interesting, original and catchy or are they yawn-inducing? Great headlines will stimulate your visitors to keep reading, while poorly written ones will direct your prospects towards other sources of information and make them bounce off your site without any regrets.

5) Use Images to Leverage Emotions. Choose the most natural, compelling images that could represent your company and your line of products or services. One photo can be more meaningful than 1,000 carefully chosen words, so use them to your best interest to awaken powerful emotions in your readers. Make them laugh, smile, sigh or giggle.

Images help you become memorable and recognizable; this is precisely why it is recommended to go beyond overused stock photos and invest a little more in personalized, high-resolution photos that actually manage to reflect the uniqueness of your company. In case you are determined to become a leading player in your field of activity, you could always choose to boost your visual impact by creating and introducing a mascot designed to consolidate your marketing motif. Whether we’re talking about funny mascots or beautiful pictures comprised by your portfolio, impactful imagery will seduce your visitors, individualize your brand and let you experience a highly beneficial emotional and branding effect.

At the end of the day, these 5 simple tips will give you the opportunity to improve your conversion rates without going bankrupt. In case you need help applying them or want to test a new approach to enhance your profit margins and your online presence, just give us a call and we’ll gladly lead the way.

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