• Shane Smith

Let Go & Trust - New To Digital Marketing?

Did you just start a business? Do you know that it is crucial to start developing your legacy online? Hiring a consultant to assist with strategy development and brand awareness in the digital age most times is the best route to take. However, many business owners fail to fully get the most out of this relationship. Below are three things that you should avoid if you are small business owner and starting to to work on your online presence with a consultant.

  1. Always Ask First - Too many times my clients have went ahead and did things affecting their digital presence without consulting me first. For example one client began to review his own business on Google while at the same time making up other ones. This would be a red flag to Google that you are not a trustworthy company. Always ask first to be safe! More importantly don't start a business and lie to your potential customers :)

  2. Trust The One You Hired - It is natural to struggle with the aspect of giving up control in anything. I have seen this to be true for business owners when the time comes to trust their digital marketing to someone else. The bottom line is that you have to see that you are not the expert and you hired this person for a reason.

  3. Establish Expectations - This is a very common mistake. We can often have inaccurate judgments of our own business and this translates to inaccurate expectations of what you can expect with internet marketing. Digital marketing is not a fast solution to your business problems. Any strategy will take months to gain traction. Be patient!

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