• Shane Smith

Looking at Branded & Non-Branded Keyword Data

Hey everyone, today I wanted to speak about looking more closely at website traffic specifically keyword data to determine if your SEO strategy is being successful and the point I'm going to make is making sure that when you're looking at website traffic that is coming through the organic results, we want to make sure that we're looking at whether this traffic is coming from a brand keyword search or a non branded keyword search and why that's-important. I think that often times this is this is overlooked and a lot more success can be given to search engine optimization efforts then what is rightly deserved.

So let's define these terms to begin with. I'm gonna use my company as an example. So my company name is Shane York Digital. So any brand traffic coming in through a keyword search on Google would contain my business name. It could be Shane York Digital. It could be part of my business name. It could also include a product that I offer. I offer SEO services. So somebody could search Shane York SEO, Shane York SEO services, and that would be also considered a brand search. Now a non branded keyword searchwould be digital marketing consultant, digital marketing company, SEO services. All those terms are non branded because they are just are general terms used when people are searching for for my services.

So why is this important? One, is that if you're doing a lot of offline marketing for your brand, TV commercials, radio spots, any other type of print advertising people could see that and then of course they're gonna go search out your brand or your company. They go to Google and type in your brand and you immediately show up, right? So this can increase your organic traffic in some ways. There's very minimum work, hardly any that you have to provide to get to the number one spot when somebody searches your brand. I would say that, the search engine optimization efforts shouldn't be given credit for that.

Another reason it's really important to look at brand versus none brand keywords, is looking at non branded keyword traffic to see if we're improving to see that we're improving non-branded keyword visibility. That's going to measure a huge part of the success of this search engine optimization campaign. If we look at the brand even the brand traffic brand impressions, this could be telling us something else about areas that we need to focus on. If we take a closer dive into this brand traffic, and see impressions in this certain area that we're targeting has dropped maybe we ended a some other type of advertising campaign and now our brand traffic has fallen. This could be when you're running Google advertising. You could be running a lot of shopping ads, you could be running a lot of search Network ads or just display advertising in general and that's going to give you a lot more brand awareness. People are going to be going to Google and typing in your brand name to do research.
So if your brand traffic goes down or impressions goes down for that, ask yourself some questions. Did you just stop investing in a certain other area for advertising? So those are some of the reasons why looking at branded and non-branded traffic is super important to really understand what's going on with your website.

Lastly I'm going to provide some links on my website to give you some ways where you can see Branded traffic, whether you're using search console or you're using a tool like SEM Rush for example, that I often use to Categorize brand and non-branded search traffic. I Really Appreciate you guys taking some time to check me out If you need any help with anything please reach out and I will talk to you very soon.

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