• Shane Smith

Organic SEO GEO Location Targeting Tips

Targeting cities or towns further away from your business location is not the same as it use to be. Google is forcing small businesses to invest in their advertising by becoming even more hyper local. You use to be able to slap in a spammy manner, all the towns you wanted to target just by listing them, producing some high R.OI. Then came creating additional city or location focused pages. Now even these pages need to be used with caution in order to not have your visibility reduced in Google. This makes rethinking your organic search strategy a must. It is important to look at your GEO or location pages. These pages are designed to increase visibility as they are geared towards whatever town you hope to gain traction from. Some things to be aware of are:

- Use moderation and start slow. Google still does not want any attempt to manipulate their search results if that is all your after.

- These pages need to be unique and creative. Giving your target market what they are seeking.

- Ask yourself does it make sense for my business goals to invest in these pages?

- Is there organic opportunity for high value keywords? Does Google return results for businesses on the first page that are not located in that physical city?

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