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(SERP) Research for Digital Strategy Development

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) research is a process of evaluating search results for a particular keyword or a list of keywords you plan to optimize for. It’s an important part of keyword research as it helps to find out whether the keywords are relevant and if there are any opportunities for back-links or partnerships with 1st page websites for referral traffic in order to bring in more leads.

SERP research should be a consideration because they influence content creation.

For example, if the SERP related to your target keyword features a rich snippet, you’ll want to optimize your content for that — providing a quick, concise answer or using a bullet list are effective formats for snippets. Ranking for snippets can be a great way to leapfrog tough competitors and jump above the “number one” spot.

We can also see there is a “People also ask” box in this SERP. This box provides more information on related topics that should also be covered in your content.

Other important SERP features or results related to your targeted keywords could include:

-Knowledge card/panel.

-Relevant lead generation sites or opportunity for high quality local backlinks.(example I gave in the video)



SERP features should influence how you format and organize your pages, because optimizing for the prevailing features will give your content an advantage.


Shane York Smith

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