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Thinking of Redesigning Your Website: Consider This First

If for some reason or another you are displeased with your current website design, it is imperative to implement a series of changes as soon as possible. But before getting down to business, you have to be able to assess the actual strengths and weaknesses of your website. Since time is money and professional web design services also imply a financial investment, you should also have a legitimate reason to give the green light to this extreme makeover.

Here Are a Few Justifiable Reasons to Contact a Reputable Website Redesign Company

Your Website Isn’t User-Friendly Enough. Do your potential buyers feel lost and confused while navigating on your website? Are they getting tired of going through massive chunks of text to uncover your contact info? Are they missing your calls to action? Is your information virtually unreadable? If most of the answers to these basic questions are affirmative, now would be the perfect time for a change, in terms of web design. An ideal website redesign project should be focused on improving the level of user-friendliness of all your web pages.

Your Website Is Boring and Lacks the Cool Factor. If your website looks ancient and uncool, your visitors will bounce off it in a matter of a few seconds. Awesome animation, a minimalist design correlated with a user-oriented architecture, quality pictures, fresh branded multimedia content designed to go viral and optimized page elements will always make a difference and help you individualize your business and make it more popular rapidly and on a budget.

Your Website Doesn’t Boost Your Online Presence. Is your website very far from landing on the first page in search engine results? If that’s the case, you may want to start applying a few suitable onsite and off-page optimization techniques created to enhance your online presence. To begin with, make your website more search engine-friendly and improve its usability and accessibility, with just a little bit of help from a website redesign company.

5 Things to Consider Before Spending a Dime on a Website Redesign Project

1) Your Website Should Be Constantly Evolving. Technical breakthroughs force you to keep up with new trends and improvements. You can’t hold on to the same version of your website for decades in a row and expect it to boost conversion rates and be cataloged as outstanding at the same time. Be prepared to evolve by optimizing your website regularly.

2) SEO Is an Ongoing Process. SEO is not a one-time thing. On the contrary, it is an extremely important ongoing process requiring advanced planning and commitment on your behalf. Whether we’re talking about keyword research or analyzing metrics, working on a cohesive SEO

plan is an important condition of your online business success that you shouldn’t neglect.

3) Asses Your Goals. What are you hoping to get from this series of web design changes? Perhaps you want to stimulate sales, boost your credibility, improve brand awareness or enhance customer loyalty. Either way, you should list your objectives and make sure they are 100% SMART (an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-efficient).

4) Optimize with Your Prospects in Mind. At the end of the day, your most important goal is to stay on the same page with your potential buyers. This is why you should remodel your website with your prospects in mind. What would encourage them to respond to your calls to action (subscribe to your newsletter, order your product, recommend your brand and so on)? Is your website optimized for smartphones and tablets?

According to recent studies, the average visit has a standard duration of a little less than 60 seconds. If your web pages take more time to load on any type of gadget, this means that you are losing more than a few valuable visitors in the process. Other sources indicate that only 10% of your readers are actually concerned with design elements; on the other hand, more than 76% of your visitors want to be able to spot what they are looking for on your page in a time-effective manner. Let them find it in record time by improving the overall user experience. This may mean that you should de-clutter and reorganize your website to make it less you-oriented and more user-friendly.

5) Identify and Monitor the Metrics That Will Help You Measure Your Success. Last but not least, before actually starting the redesign process, you may want to get more familiar with the main free tools enabling you to monitor your progress and implement optimization-related changes on your own. Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools fall into this category and represent free-of-charge, redoubtable allies for your small business.

Redesigning your website is an important mission that can make or break your company. When in doubt, contact us today for more expert info on how to take your website to a whole new level without investing a ton of money in this ambitious project.

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