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Tips to Get the Most Out of the SERPs

I often make it a point to do continual research on the SERP(s) AKA Search engine result pages. Doing continual research will ensure that you know best on how to get the most out of any SERP. Running test searches of your targeted keywords often reveal many nuggets of valuable information to gain visibility. Below are some simple ways to get more from a SERP.

Google Search Network Ads (Pay Per Click) - Simply go in and check the auction insight reports to see the percentage of times your ad is appearing at the top of the page in comparison with the sites that are targeting the same keywords. If this is not high enough you will be missing out of valuable clicks. Increasing your budget, bidding, and even your ad copy and landing page quality will play a part in giving you better position and increased visibility in the search results.

Google My Business. - First, you need to be verified in Google as a local business. Getting verified gives you valuable visibility within Google when potential customers search for your company by name or by what you provide.

Do not forgot about doing posts within your Google My Business profile. This is a great way to get more brand messaging out, right there in the SERP.

Rewrite Titles and Meta Descriptions - Another tactic is to rewrite your SEO meta elements on high valuable pages. Take a moment to look at your pages that are on the 1st page within Google that have a low click through rate. Rewrite the title tags and meta descriptions to stand out among the competition to get more clicks.

Focus on a better content strategy - Have you ever seen the "People also ask box" that gets shown with certain keyword queries. This is a gold mine to find content ideas. These give valuable information on how your customers search. Create content to answer these questions and meet your target market right where they are at in the buying funnel.

Focus on Reviews - If you are a local business getting good reviews is crucial because so many of us look at reviews as a major factor in deciding on who to choose when buying a product or using a service. Make sure to have a plan in place to reach out to customers that are happy and get more positive reviews to improve conversions. Google displays your star rating as well as other snippets right there in the SERPs. Having a leg up on the competition in this area will yield substantial results.

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