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Ways to Build Online Traffic and Boost SEO

A few years ago, people who wanted to go online to develop a successful business only had to build an awesome-looking website and list their contact info. Times have changed. At this point, numerous players compete against each other on extremely competitive markets. Those who can’t afford to pay, end up struggling to boost their online visibility through various other methods.

So the question is: can you actually survive in the era of Internet without a solid PPC campaign and in the absence of a team of marketers who are generously remunerated to guide your every move? Of course! As a matter of fact, there are many more or less secret tips that you can apply to maximize your SEO efforts and increase online traffic without going bankrupt. Such onsite and off-page optimization tactics may not require tons of cash, but they do demand consistency on your behalf. Here are 5 foolproof ways in which you can build online traffic and get one step closer to optimization success.

1) Write and Distribute Original Content Pieces. Great articles and blog posts will graduallyturn you into an industry expert, as long as you stay active and motivated. Use online tools to identify the hottest trending topics (Google Trends is an invaluable resource, but there are many other content aids that you could explore to get inspired).

Present innovative facts from your very own point of view. Your readers will enjoy a different perspective, as opposed to the tiresome “me too” approach. Walk away from traditional content and rely on web writing based on a perfect mix of multimedia elements, including short videos that have what it takes to go viral in a split second, infographics, charts and bigger pictures. A proper visual representation will take your ideas to the next level and make it so much easier for your readers to digest them. There are many article formats that could work for you and your brand, including tip sheets, guidebooks, how-to articles, interviews and so on. This brings us to the next step.

2) Take Your Blog a Step Up with Interactive Content. You don’t need to be a pro to be able to shoot your own mini movies. To get started, you just have to use a USB microphone and a fairly inexpensive digital camera. This kind of equipment will enable you to surprise your public with fresh videos and podcasts. Videos with a standard duration under 3 minutes and audio elements with a duration ranging from 5 to 15 minutes (depending on the level of newsworthiness and the overall complexity of the fact that you’re getting ready to introduce) may help you broaden your horizons. They can help expand your audience, increase shares and raise your online credibility. Whether we’re talking about product demonstrations, how-to guides or webinars, videos and podcasts posted on your website or blog are the key to building online traffic without too much effort.

3) Provide Real Value. And Freebies. Offer a free e-book or a slideshow presentation that can be downloaded on your website. Users love free things, as long as the stuff that you offer can actually improve their lives to a certain extent. Instead of tricking your readers into downloading your overly adorned written sales pitch, give them the chance to check out high-value content pieces that actually provide punctual answers to their daily questions and concerns. They will appreciate your gesture; some may even go the extra mile to reward your efforts by spreading the word about your brand and products or services.

4) Optimize Your Web Writing. You may be writing new content around the clock, but are your materials working to your best advantage? Before actually putting your thoughts into words, make sure you know how to optimize for:

a) human visitors

b) search engines

Fresh, intriguing, engaging, problem-solving content will make your readers want to stick

around. But this doesn’t mean that your job is done once you come up with a killer headline and 3 or 4 paragraphs. Do proper keyword research using free or almost free online tools. Don’t forget to optimize your description, meta titles and keywords of choice. All in all, your texts should flow naturally and stimulate the curiosity of your readers.

5) Rely on Ethical Link Building Strategies. Link building tactics won’t get you in trouble as long as you play by the book. Here’s what you should do to stay on the safe side: get in touch with affiliates, clients, vendors and media representatives and ask them to link back to your website. If your referring sources have a superior page rank, chances are that you will manage to improve your rankings over the course

of a couple of months by simply counting on this convenient, cost-free optimization technique.

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