• Shane Smith

WHAT! Traffic Is Down? Exploring The Relationship Between Offline & Online Marketing

It is very common to blame the loss of website traffic within any digital channel just to that specific channel's marketing effort. However, many other things need to be addressed and ruled out first. There are so many touch points on a consumer's journey that getting the correct attribution for a website visit or conversion is often very difficult.

For example, if you invest in TV commercials your website traffic might explode around the duration of your advertising campaign. What will happen is that the viewer of the television piece (if attracted) will Google your brand name after seeing the commercial to learn more. This will likely be attributed to an organic visit even though the running of the television commercial produced the website visit and not your organic search efforts. The following are some ways in which SEO/Organic is effected by SEM/Digital Advertising and Offline Advertising.

  • Digital advertising and/or traditional advertising may improve organic traffic because consumers see your name everywhere and will likely due further research on your brand.

  • Digital advertising may take away from organic traffic. There are only so many potential website visitors. Investing in SEM could take all the traffic away from organic when they click on the ads instead of an organic result.

  • Google wants the best! - My opinion is that eventually the ranking factors of Google will be so in-tune with what is actually happening within your company in terms of popularity and overall success, that digital success will be proportional to your success in the "real world".

Brand awareness is huge in 2018 so make sure you are invested in making your name and message more visible and in the long run it will improve your overall digital growth.

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